2010 Dead Pool

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Susie Sarah Shon Turk Janet Adam Doc Cheryl Roger
Of Corpse I Can MegaDeath Six Feet Under Pushing Up Daisies The Deadbeat Club House of 1000 Corpses Necropsy Victims The Gravediggers

a.k.a. Chopped Liver


I Will Die For You
Sidney Poitier Muhammad Ali Rowdy Roddy Piper Brigitte Bardot Billy Graham Kirk Douglas Mickey Rooney Merle Haggard Natalie Cole
Bernie Madoff Abe Vigoda Scott Weiland Ronnie Santo Fidel Castro Peter O'Toole Ernest Borgnine Andy Rooney Kim Jong Il
Elizabeth Edwards Sargent Shriver Andy Dick Ruth Bader Ginsberg Yogi Berra Artie Lange Wilford Brimley B.B. King Nelson Mandela
Henry Kissinger Brian Lenihan Abigail Van Buren Bum Phillips Dennis Hopper Ernie Harwell Nancy Reagan Barbara Walters Hugh Hefner
Scott Peterson (Wife/Baby Killer) Larry Hagman John Paul Stevens Khalid Saad Mohammed Jerry Lewis Chemical Ali Elizabeth Taylor Bryant Gumbel Jimmy Carter
Harry Belafonte Jack Kevorkian Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Renegade Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Stephen Hawking Annette Funicello Don Rickles James Arness
Refrigerator Perry Charles Manson Robert Byrd Mike Wallace Don King Sid Caesar Doris Day George McGovern Suge Knight
Ariel Sharon Tex Watson Hugh Downs Mike Utley Betty White Severiano Ballesteros Fats Domino Lauren Bacall Morgan Freeman
Peter Falk Patty Andrews Morrisey Al Davis Joanne Woodward Pete Quaife Barbara Billingsley Jerry Lee Lewis Bobby Bowden
Pat Robertson Margaret Thatcher Steve Jobs Connie Francis Robert Wagner Ronnie Biggs Ray Price Jane Russell Queen Elizabeth

Updated December 27, 2010