2008 Dead Pool

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a.k.a. Chopped Liver

Paul Newman Muhammad Ali Rowdy Roddy Piper Brigitte Bardot Billy Graham Kirk Douglas Mickey Rooney Merle Haggard
Eunice Shriver Abe Vigoda Scott Weiland Ronnie Santo Fidel Castro Peter O'Toole Ernest Borgnine Andy Rooney
Delores Hope Andy Griffith Andy Dick Robert McNamara Yogi Berra Walter Cronkite Wilford Brimley B.B. King
Henry Kissinger Betty Ford Abigail Van Buren Bum Phillips Paul Harvey Ernie Harwell Nancy Reagan Mitch Miller
Oral Roberts Larry Hagman John Paul Stevens Ross Perot Jerry Lewis Dick Clark Elizabeth Taylor Michael J. Fox
Harry Belafonte Jack Kevorkian Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Joan Jett Farrah Fawcett Pat Summerall Annette Funicello Don Rickles
Ted Kennedy Estelle Getty Robert Byrd Mike Wallace Don King Sid Caesar Buffalo Bob Smith * George McGovern
Paris Hilton Ann B. Davis Hugh Downs Nikki Hilton Reverend Moon John Wooden Fats Domino Les Paul
George Carlin James Garner Phyllis Diller Iggy Pop Joanne Woodward Sammy Baugh Barbara Billingsley Jerry Lee Lewis
Pat Robertson Margaret Thatcher Howard Metzenbaum Connie Francis Calvin Klein Alex Trebek Lindsay Lohan Jane Russell

Updated December 29, 2008

* Buffalo Bob Smith died from cancer on July 30, 1998. Entry is ineligible for Championship Points.