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From the 3.0 Deployment in September 2002
Don's Morning Cup of Coffee Where's Vurtis???? Still in Bed? There he is! Hard at Work
Ms. RVL Dan the Man Enjoying DMLSS Enjoying DMLSS
Belcher lives! What the Fuck? Enjoying DMLSS The Dog
Vurtis is leaving LogDogs in Action Jerry is Scary!


All pictures from here on down were taken during the 2.0 Deployment.

My First Day Gambling     She's Diggin' for Gold     LUCK

My first day                  Diggin for Gold                  Lucky B-yatch

Hick Teeth...or Her REAL Teeth?    Mr. Donald O. Kraft     My Luck

She forgot the Toothbrush              Mr. Kraft               My subsequent days

Scott's Machine    Don's Golf Game    More of Don Golfing    Pirates!

Scott's Winning machine                      Don (Ben Hogan)                                              Pirates!

Jack's Golf Game    More of Jack Golfing

Jack Golfing

The Trip to New Orleans

Bourbon Street New Orleans    Girls on Bourbon Street    Girls on Bourbon Street    Don with a Babe

Don & I at a Bar    Jack    At the Nudie Bar    Pat O' Briens

Pat O' Briens    Dancin' in the Street    Don's Done


The Ship Island Excursion

Going to Ship Island    A Boat    The Marina    Bird Feeder

The Marina    A Big Boat    Tailgaters    Tailgaters

Ft. Massachusetts    Don at Ft. Massachusetts    Ft. Massachusetts    At Ft. Massachusetts

This is our  trip to Ship Island off the coast of Biloxi/Gulfport Mississippi.  We visited Ft. Massachusetts, an old fort built to defend from attack by the British but never used.  It was a cloudy, windy, rainy day.  Otherwise we would have had several Bikini shots from the beach!!!!