Pensacola Beach, FL - October 7, 2006
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MacDill AFB (Tampa, FL) December, 2002

Pictures from the MacDill LogDog's Holiday Party held at the base marina.

The Turkey Fryers The turkeys are prepared to be fried Major Kelly fries the turkey! Major Kelly fries the turkey! Major Kelly fries the turkey! Major Kelly fries the turkey! Major Kelly fries the turkey!
Major Kelly fries the turkey! Don Ross finishes his turkey Don Ross finishes his turkey Don Ross finishes his turkey Major Kelly finishes his turkey Major Kelly finishes his turkey The Old Man (Sal) carves the turkeys
The Old Man (Sal) carves the turkeys The Gift Exchange The Gift Exchange Merry Christmas

Pictures from the DMLSS Deployment

Classroom 2 Classroom 1 Classroom 1 Mr. Chandler's Class Mr. Payne Tutuors SSgt Rosario Mr. Payne's Class Guys...Are things really that boring?
Mr. Kephart shows TSgt Berry how to do a few things Mr. Chandler and the BMETS Don Ross spills his sunflower seeds Mr. Chandler does some 'Over the Shoulder' training Mr. Chandler's favorite spot! Delivering Supplies The Three Wisemen
Their LOGDOG's Got Balls! 9999LPcommode  

Other Pics A Statue Bill and Steve enjoying themselves at Ybor City SNOW in Tampa! Steve's favorite fast food

Content from this point down is from the Tyndall AFB (Panama City, FL) Deployment in March of 2001

Click for Panama City, Florida Forecast

Or arrival at Tyndall AFB

Panama City, FL

Visitor's Center Steve gets his pass Don's next You can't go anywhere with this guy! He knows this drill real well!
We pull in to get a couple of  vehicle passes at the front gate. Steve goes in and gets a pass without a hitch. Don goes in...... Next thing I know..... This is going on.

At Work

OBD's in the House Here's looking at you kid
Gary discusses the 'Order Item' button with Mr. Kraft. The DFAS Man, OBD Paul enjoys the class Don's first cup  of coffee
(Paul)...."Who is this guy?" ? ?
Don's testing the 'Order Item' button Training class pictures

My Least Favorite Subject:  AF Quality of Life.  Tyndall's Billeting

Steve enjoys standing in line! Never before view of the modern temperature control equipment. When I lived in the dorm, They'd have my ass for this.
As with all Check-in desks.  Things were looking pretty good! And then you get to the room.  This is the view of the ceiling. Who's fridge doesn't have rust around the seal?
Your first impression as you enter your Lodging Room The shower I share with another dude.  NOT at the same time! Sole Source of heat
My front door. The shower stall has some soap scum.  But no fungus!  They are have one up on Robins AFB. Here is the heater provided in my room...Wish I had that at Kirtland!!!!
In all fairness, Here's some Pictures of Don's room
Don's Fridge Don's Kitchen Warning
Don reaches for a Brew His kitchen the note on the door to Don's kitchen
Overall, I have to give Tyndall's Billeting a 4 out of a possible 10

After Work

A Bird ???? Spring Breakers
Lunch at the Marina A Bird Some Docks Dinner at Hook's Spring Breakers getting their Hook on
Captain Stiles On the Boat Panama City Bay Dinner Fellow tourists
Captain Stiles Looks like a Portuguese Ship Panama City Bay Fresh Fish Don's Favorite Picture (so far)
Gone Fishing Kraft Can't Wait Bon Voyage A Picture of a Monkey at the Zoo A Picture of an Alligator at the Zoo
The Crew Goes Fishing A Monkey at Zoorama Gator
At the Zoo A Baboon Picture of some boats Steve fucking with me Hooters
More Gators A colorful baboon A nice day for sailing On the plane Hooters

Here's some photos of Mr. Donald Kraft (retired Senior Master Sergeant and former Superintendent, Medical Logistics, Headquarters Air Combat Command).  He was in Panama City, FL a few months ago and enjoyed some great fishing.

Don's Fishing    Don's Still Fishing    Hey, He caught something    And here it is    And here it is again

Don's Chick

** Some photos are courtesy of Mr. Steve Stiles **