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My vacation to see my good friends, Tony, Nicole and Tyler Han

August 2004, Los Angeles area

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Our trip to Angels Stadium in Anaheim.


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The Hollywood Freak Section

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  I thought Uday and Qusay were dead. Sleeping Beauty's Castle is being remodeled. The freaks even come to Disneyland.  


From the 2001 DMLSS 3.x Deployment

Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service Acquisitions WHSE
A few of the people who work at Travis AFB

Guests of the Day
We are Guests of the Day! Pictures of the cloudy and hazy San Francisco area
Our trip to Napa Valley

From the 2000 DMLSS 2.x Deployment



From left to right:  California's attempt to cut down on cruising; A1C Clay and his friend; Customer Service Rep; One of my Customer Support Classes; SSgt Mimi Parks

Bottom:  Tyra Harris (PVM clerk); Cliff Healy; SSgt Shea; TSgt (sel) Cunningham providing some one on one "learning"; Mr, Scott House

Yosemite National Park





Here are some pictures taken at Yosemite National Park in California.  "El Capatain", "Half-Dome" and "Yosemite Falls" are included.