Little River Canyon National Preserve near Fort Payne, Alabama--August 29, 2008

Referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the East" in the park's literature.

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April 26-27, 2008

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October 8, 2006

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USS Alabama - USS Drum - Mobile, AL - October 7, 2006
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Talladega Superspeedway (May 1, 2006)

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Van Zant Gretchen Wilson (from my cheap camera phone)   -  Oh, and I only saw 2 mullets the entire night!

the Hurricane Dennis non-event (July 10, 2005)

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No matter what the disaster, We will watch NASCAR! Damage at Vaughn Lakes Apartments
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More Vaughn Lakes Destruction - the road is almost impassable Gunter AFB Damage - No water is passing through these bricks!
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We were told to pick up trash/debris outside.  Tanya made a beeline for Ray's car. She finds some Dennis debris More Dennis debris
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Picking up Dennis debris...Tanya poses. TJ decides to take some debris home.  why?, don't know...He's just weird.    

Southern Stock Car Racing

Montgomery Motor Speedway      
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Birmingham International Raceway      
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Hurricane Ivan

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The "Shon Baker Command Center for Hurricane Ivan" After the power went out, I had to move the command center to battery powered devices. Just as Ivan came into town Starting to rain and get windy
Ivan15.jpg (84115 bytes) Ivan16.jpg (53041 bytes) Ivan18.jpg (90935 bytes) Ivan22.jpg (103063 bytes) Ivan23.jpg (148628 bytes)
My first observation of debris (a dead branch pushed up against that car) The wind and rain...before After, notice the piece of the building across the way is now missing. Damnit man.  That tree branch just missed my car.  So much for trying to capitalize on a new paint job. Debris around the complex.
Ivan19.jpg (94143 bytes) Ivan21.jpg (84862 bytes) Ivan28.jpg (64275 bytes) Ivan26.jpg (108547 bytes) Ivan27.jpg (64201 bytes)
A piece of the roof lying in the parking lot. I think it came from this building.  (two buildings and a small lake separate it from where I found the debris) Downed trees along the main street. Water never falls over this little dam
  Ivan24.jpg (96935 bytes)  
The NWS warned us of flooding.

Kim's Retirement Party - May16, 2004

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From my visit with the DMLSS team in May 2003

First things first...Maxwell's "University Inn" absolutely SUCKS!!!!!

Maxwell03-01.jpg (53903 bytes) Maxwell03-02.jpg (63534 bytes) Maxwell03-04.jpg (58667 bytes) Maxwell03-13.jpg (77629 bytes)
The first thing you see when you walk in the door.  Yes, those are dead bugs in the light fixture.   That's trash left in the wardrobe. Do they own a vacuum?
Maxwell03-08.jpg (44638 bytes) Maxwell03-10.jpg (75076 bytes) Maxwell03-14.jpg (88505 bytes) Maxwell03-15.jpg (40467 bytes)
Ooops, the wallpaper is falling off the wall! Nice DRMO chair, eh? Their floor maintenance plan is top notch! This is the kitchen.
Maxwell03-06.jpg (50310 bytes) Maxwell03-12.jpg (73895 bytes) Maxwell03-11.jpg (75615 bytes) Maxwell03-16.jpg (45768 bytes)
The refrigerator door will not close.  It's always open.  The seal does not touch the door. Looks like somebody used a crowbar and hammer on the door. Another view of the beat up door.  Makes one feel safe eh? Picture of the dirty vent and cobwebs around it.
Maxwell03-17.jpg (50217 bytes) Maxwell03-18.jpg (64179 bytes) Maxwell03-22.jpg (82213 bytes) Maxwell03-23.jpg (47478 bytes)
Filth and Calcium Deposits/Caulk??? I was a little drowsy while making coffee and didn't notice the rust that formed around the metal band on the carafe. The desk where I compose the daily reports.  Lodging must be proud of its quality! My pissmate's screen.  My screen actually fits on the window properly albeit dirty as hell.

Scenes from the clinic

Maxwell03-19.jpg (78522 bytes) Maxwell03-20.jpg (73197 bytes) Maxwell03-21.jpg (80702 bytes)
The Training Rooms


Pictures from this point down were taken during our (Alicia and I) visit to Montgomery, Alabama in 2001

Link to the Alabama Governor's Website

Link to the State of Alabama's website

The Governor with us!

Link to the Alabama Governor's website


Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol

Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol    Picture of our trip to the Alabama State Capitol

Our visit with the Governor and the State Capitol of Alabama.

Beat that, Steve Chandler!


The Training Class    Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil    "Got a Buddy"    Ali-shoe    Sweet little Kate    goofin' off


Savin' the day    On the way to the disaster    Savin' us from disaster    Savin' us from disaster    Gee...I hope she's alright    Gee, I hope she's alright

ITC screwed up again and shipped us the wrong equipment.  This time we received a nuclear core.  Alicia has been watching the Simpson's and knew to don the yellow suit when around radioactive materiel.  She single-handedly secured the area and disposed of the stuff.  Unfortunately she was overcome with a case of the vapors during the process.  We expect her to make a full recovery. 

Something that Alicia wanted me to put upSomething that Alicia wanted me to put up


Our billeting    Our rental car

Our Billeting and Rental Car

  Click for Montgomery, Alabama Forecast